Personal training
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Personal Training
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Group Sessions

bootcamp outdoor trainingGroup classes are designed to improve your strength, fitness and muscle tone and to help you to lose weight and burn fat fast. We do this with intense workouts that build lean muscle tissue and boost your metabolism. By building strength and engaging in short intense bursts of cardio exercise we ramp up your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day.

2 of our sessions will never be the same. Whether it be our gym based or outdoors, you will be using kettlebells, powerbags, resistance sledges or the horrible old stadium stairs of death, our sessions will push you to your limit to maximize fantastic results.

These sessions will aid in weight loss, body fat reduction and muscle toning by combining cardiovascular, resistance and core/abdominal training into one time-efficient 30 min workout that delivers mind-blowing results. By making a commitment to train a minimum of twice per week for four weeks, you can lose up to a stone in weight, 8% body fat and shed inches from your waistline!!

Class Times

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