Personal training
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Personal Training
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Personal training

Did you know ?

that IDEA (International Health and Fitness Association), released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer.

Our Personal trainers are fitness experts who help you attain greater fitness and health awareness. Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep motivated and challenged. Personal trainers help in various ways:

  • Motivate you by setting goals and providing feedback
  • Measure your strengths and weakness
  • Advise on cardio, resistance, flexibility, nutrition and general health matters
  • Guide you in the correct technique
  • Give varied exercises to keep you keen and improve your fitness
  • Commit to turning up each week – and ensuring you do too!

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Too many people stay on the same program for an extended period of time and wonder why they’re no longer experiencing changes in their fitness level. Programming updates are very important to ensure ongoing progress. This is where a personal trainer can help you gain the health and fitness level you desire.

Whether you want to focus on fat loss, cardio-conditioning, muscle-conditioning, flexibility or a combination of all of these depending on your goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses, Personal Training can help. We really do strive to make our clients’ sessions as individualized as possible, effective and lots of fun! When you sign up with one of our trainers, you can expect regular education, support and guidance to gain maximum benefit.