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Personal Training
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Four months ago I stepped on the scales and was overcome with a mixture of embarrassment and horror as I tipped the scales at just under 19 stones! For years I had been active playing football, running and weight training maintaining a healthy weight however due to business commitments, family life and a lack of motivation my weight slowly crept up and I faced the reality that I had put on nearly 5 and a half stone and my waist size had went from a 34 to a 42!

I suddenly realised the reality of my situation and made a decision to change. With the help of Simon and the team at Core Fitness I have changed my diet, increased my training and have seen my weight drop by just under 4.5 stone. My waist is also down to 36 inches and I feel a lot more energetic and happy in myself. This would not have been achievable if it was not for the motivation and hard work put in by the team at Core Fitness.

I still have a stone to go and a few more inches but my goals are now more achievable due to their help! I would recommend Simon and the team at Core Fitness to anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change.


Robert Hall


I joined Core Fitness four and a half months ago due to my lack of motivation to get myself fit, healthy and lose weight, It is by far the best decision I ever have made, my total weight loss from I started has been three stone and I feel healthier than ever.

I started my journey with Core Fitness doing three nights a week at Boot Camp classes instructed by Gary & Simon, this has definitely improved my stamina & fitness levels with additionally losing weight, I found this extremely hard as I was so unfit but the encouragement I received kept me going and I did get through it and it has defiantly paid off.

For the past month I have added an extra day doing a personal training session which is a definite benefit to my own personal goals, I have also attended a nutritionist meeting at core and advised to change my diet and exercise regime to enhance and get the most benefit out my time here at Core Fitness to lose the last of my weight and tone my shape. Without all the help, support and encouragement I have received from everyone at Core I can honestly say I couldn’t and wouldn’t have achieved what I have.


Diana Carson


The fitness sessions that Simon has put together for me are really unique and the perfect combination of cardio work, muscle toning and fun! Simon is an excellent trainer, totally motivating, patient and encouraging. I look forward to my personal training sessions every week and have seen a significant improvement in my fitness, conditioning, energy and muscle tone. I thoroughly recommend them!


D Simpson


After looking at various personal trainers in the Lanarkshire area, I chose Core Fitness Personal Training in April 2010, initially as a way to look better before my holiday in June. I had been an occasional, often half-hearted gym-goer for a few years but always knew I wasn’t pushing myself anywhere near enough. I always felt that personal trainers were a luxury but it soon became clear that having one was really making a big difference in a relatively short space of time. The team helped me achieve my goal of losing body fat, building lean muscle and increasing fitness in a quite dramatic fashion so much so that I decided to carry on with my sessions even after my holiday. Now I am feeling better than ever and wish I had got a personal trainer sooner.


David McGregor